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Pros And Cons Of Using Instagram For Business

These days, many businesses are making use of Instagram to attract followers and customers. For instance, photographers can showcase their work on Instagram regularly to attract potential clients. Earlier, this form of social media was never considered as a marketing tool for businesses. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of going the Instagram way.

Advantages of using Instagram for businesses

Visual reference: On the internet today, photographs and videos are actually worth a thousand words. If you are trying to target your specific audience using visuals, actual images and graphics may work much better than using reams of content. Today, the “seeing is believing” concept works and Instagram allows you to do just that by providing a simple “upload” option.

Sharing your brand message: You can share your brand message on various social media platforms by using Instagram. If the picture is exciting, then it can go viral quickly and get more new visitors for your business. Apart from getting the required exposure, you can make money too!

Spread the advantages of Instagram: Mostly, when people think of social media, Twitter or Facebook comes to mind. Even Pinterest is garnering interest these days. Instagram is not top of mind for marketers yet. Nevertheless, you can make use of Instagram effectively to show that you are hi-tech and your images can speak for you.

Instagram growing very rapidly: When compared to any other social media platform, Instagram is growing pretty rapidly.

Millennials sector burgeoning: Today, the spending power of the Millennial segment is increasing rapidly. In order to target the younger generation of today, you need to be likable and by putting up the pictures of your business on Instagram can help that happen.

Instagram created for mobile devices specifically: Most of the people today who access Instagram, access it via their mobile devices and smartphones. So if you are targeting the Millennial audience, then Instagram is a great social platform to use, as the content that you offer can be easily shared across mobile devices and with every image that is shared, you can create new communities for your business.

Hashtags connect people easily: The use of hashtags on Instagram, make is extremely easy to get new followers to connect with the account. It also helps you to extend the reach of your business via simple searches that more than 150 million users of Instagram carry out each day. This is an extremely cost-effective way in which a brand can reach out to its target audience and you can also filter the results as per your specific intended marketing objectives.

Use location tagging: Making use of location hashtags on the posts on Instagram helps to improve the SEO exercise and also enhances visitor interactions when you have promotions. Studies show that posts that include a location tag get around 79% more engagement than posts that are not tagged.

Real-time responses: You can get more than half of the comments on your post, half an hour from the time of going live. This can help you measure the popularity of the product and how well it is being received by the consumers. This can help you to fine-tune your offerings on the promotions to maximize the value proposition and hence the returns.

Disadvantages of Instagram for businesses

Target audience may not have an Instagram account: Today, Instagram is mainly used by a younger audience. While the older generation is slowly making forays into using the platform, it is still dominated by the youth, who may not be really the right target audience for your brand message.

Not a commercial platform: Instagram is a great way to follow someone, connect to your favorite celebrity, share images, etc. However, the idea of Instagram as a commercial platform has not taken off as yet. Instagram is just a way to pass time and not to shop.

Advertising on Instagram may be difficult: Only very large brands can afford to advertise on Instagram and this platform may take a while to catch on as an advertising platform.

Images must be uploaded via a PC app or mobile devices: While it has become quite easy to upload images via mobile devices and apps, not all users find it practical or comfortable to do so. Many businesses may find it quite unsuitable using mobile devices to share information and images.

No room for additional content: Businesses may require space to add information along with images. Instagram may not provide adequate space to do so. Also, creating a detailed bio for a company may be difficult, which makes it difficult for followers to really get to know you. So, any brand message must be only in the form of pictures and videos, which can be quite an expensive proposition.

Clickable links not allowed: Instagram does not allow the use of clickable links; however, users can copy/ paste the URL provided on the web browser and visit the site.

Brand message can get derailed: Since Instagram is a visual medium, businesses may try new methods and innovations to attract customers and may go off the brand message in an attempt to innovate. This may result in loss of potential customers.

While as a business you are trying to reach out to your target customers and gain followers, which is an application that is an index designed to make you popular on Instagram by getting more likes to your pictures, getting more reviews for your videos and increasing your follower base.

So after evaluating the pros of cons of getting onto Instagram to promote your business, you must take some steps in order to achieve success. Focus on showcasing the beauty of your products and services and your experience in the field. Understand the psyche of your followers and craft posts that incite action. In this way, you can meet your marketing objectives by using Instagram.



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